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The Elvish Dictionary: T

Yes, the Elvish Dictionary is finally up! It is presented here as compiled by the Lady Galadnilien. Please take into consideration copyright when using (basically donít copy any large portion of it and say it is yours). Your welcome to use it but just keep in mind my weeks of hard work! For more information on the copyright email me. You can now look up what words you need by alphabetical order. The search feature will only take you to a list of pages where the word can be found, it does not take you to the definition directly.


Language Code: Q Quenya; S Sindarin

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  • tale Q nyáre, nyarna, quenta S gwanod, narn, trenarn, pent
  • tale (novel) S sinnarn
  • tall Q tunda, halla S halad, orchal, tond
  • tangle Q fast-
  • tap Q táme-
  • task S tas
  • taste Q tyáve-
  • Taurus Q Telumendil
  • taut Q tunga S tong
  • tear Q narc- S narch-, nír, nín
  • tear (drop) Q nie, níre
  • tearful S níd, niniel
  • teeth (row of) Q anca, carcane S anc
  • tell to end Q ternár-
  • tell Q nyár- S nar-, treneri-
  • temperment Q inwisti
  • temptation Q úsahtie
  • ten Q cainen S caen
  • tend Q cast-
  • tender S cast
  • terrible Q rúcima
  • terrify Q ruht- S gruith-
  • territory S ardhon
  • terror Q osse S gost, gorog
  • terror (feel) S grog-
  • thankfulness Q hanta
  • thanksgiving Q hantale
  • that Q tana S tó
  • that later day Q enyáre
  • that (former) Q yana
  • that (future thing) Q enta
  • that (conj.) Q i S i
  • thatch Q tupse S taus
  • the Q i S en, e
  • the (plural) S in, i
  • thee Q le
  • them Q te, tien S hain
  • there S ennas
  • there! Q én
  • there is Q ea-
  • there (to) Q tar
  • these Q sí S hin
  • they Q te S hín(f), huin(m), hain
  • thick Q tiuca S túg
  • thigh Q tiuco
  • thin Q ninde S flein
  • thing Q nat S nad
  • think Q osán-
  • third Q nelya
  • thirsty Q fauca, soica S faug
  • this Q sina S hi
  • thither Q tar
  • thong (leather) S lath
  • thorn Q nasse S ereg, reg
  • those Q tai S tuin
  • thou Q lye S le
  • thou (even) G elye
  • thought Q ósanwe S nauth
  • thought (inner) S ind
  • thoughtfulness S idher
  • thousand Q menca S mene, meneg
  • thrall Q mol S múl
  • thread Q lia S lain
  • thread (mist-thread) S hithlain
  • thread (woven) S lain
  • three Q nel-, nelde S nel-, neled
  • threshold Q fenda S fend
  • throat Q lanco S lanc
  • throne Q mahalma
  • throng Q sanga
  • through Q tere, ter- S tre-, trí
  • throw S hedi-, hád
  • thrower (of spear) S hadron, hador
  • thrust S nast-
  • Thursday Q Earenya S Oraearon
  • tidings S siniath
  • tidy Q poica S puig
  • tie Q nút- S nod-, nud-, taeth-
  • tied S naud
  • tight (of strings) Q tunga S tong
  • tilted Q talta
  • time Q lúme S lú
  • time (a) Q lú
  • time (fixed) S asar
  • time (for a long) S anand
  • timid Q caurea
  • tiny Q picina, titta S pigen, tithen
  • tissue Q lanne
  • to Q a, an, ana S na
  • to the S ni
  • to thee S le
  • tobacco (pipe-weed) S galenas
  • today Q síra S sír
  • together S go-
  • together (many) Q yo-
  • together (two) Q o-
  • toil Q mót- S mud-
  • tolerate S gohen-
  • tomb Q noire
  • tongue Q lambe S lamb
  • tongue (my) S lammen
  • tooth Q carca, nelet, nelci S neleg, nél
  • top Q car S caw
  • torment Q nwalme, nwal-, ngwalme, ywalme S baul
  • torrent S old, thor, thórold
  • torture Q ungwale
  • tough one Q norno
  • tough Q norna, tarya S tarag
  • toughness S tarias
  • towards Q an, ana, na
  • tower Q minas S barad plural beriad, minas, mindon
  • tower (isolated) Q mindo
  • tower (of watch) Q tirion
  • track S rein, rád
  • track (beaten) S bád
  • trade Q manc- S bang-
  • tradesman Q mancar S bachor, banc
  • traditional S brún
  • trample S bath-
  • trap Q neuma S nú
  • travel Q lely-
  • traverse S athrad-, trevedi-
  • treasure Q harma S mír
  • treaty S gowest
  • tree Q alda S galadh plural galadhad
  • tree (black-wood) S lebethron
  • tree (fresh-scent) Q nessamelda
  • tree (golden-tree) mallorn
  • tree (hanging-gold) Q laurinque
  • tree (large) S orn
  • tree (low) Q tussa S tos
  • tree (red-fruit) Q yavannamíre
  • tree (summer-snow) Q lairelosse
  • tree (tall isolated) Q orne
  • tree (Varda's crown) Q vardarianna
  • tree (voice-tree) S huorn
  • tree (white-tree) S nimloth
  • tri- Q nel- S nel-
  • triangle Q neltildi S nelthil, naith
  • trick S rinc
  • trill S lír-, glír-
  • triumph S gel
  • triumphant S gelui
  • troll Q torco S torog
  • troop S gweth, herth
  • trot S pad-, padad-
  • troth Q vére S gwaedh
  • trouble Q tarsa S prest-, trast-
  • true Q anwa, sanda
  • trumpet sound Q róma S rom, rú
  • trumpet Q romba S rom
  • trust Q estel S estel
  • trustworthy S bór
  • trusty S tolog
  • Tuesday Q Aldea, Aldúya (ar.) S Orgaladh, Orgalahad (ar.)
  • tune Q linde S lind, glind
  • turf S parth
  • turn Q quer-
  • turn upside down Q nuquér-
  • turned Q querna
  • twang (sound) Q tingo, tinge S ting
  • twelve Q rasto S rasad
  • twig Q olwince
  • twilight Q undome S aduial, minuial, tindome, uial
  • twilight (without moon) S tindu
  • twin Q onóna S gwanunig
  • twine Q ríce- S rig-
  • twinkle Q tintil-
  • twins Q ónoni S gwanún
  • twirl S chwini-
  • twisted S norn
  • twitch Q rihte- S rinc, rith-
  • two Q atta S tád
  • two-legged Q attalya
  • tyrant S bauglir

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